Monday, May 12, 2014

Vacation is Murder by Carolyn Arnold, a review (without spoilers)

Note: Although the main characters of this novel are married, I do not recommend it to anyone who avoids reading stories that contain inappropriate content (kissing, how they feel when they do it, etc.). There are people whose religious beliefs have given them a deeper understanding of how sacred love is between two people who are married. So, it must be treated with respect and should not be within reach of an outsider's imagination. I had to mention that because I am one of them. 

I enjoyed reading this novel. It may be a light read but the plot's mysteries and twists kept me on my toes. Instead of the usual sympathizing or empathizing with a character, I felt like another character in the book myself. I was also interpreting clues, solving mysteries, and... solving more mysteries. Overall, Vacation is Murder took me for a ride filled with adventure!

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